New Committee

The Committee for 2018 – 2019 is as follows.

All committee members are open to being contacted and receiving feedback or answering questions.

Management Committee

The management committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held in July. All positions are initially elected for a two year term.

Committee members play a key role in ensuring the viability and smooth operation of the club. They manage key functions including finances, communication with external stakeholders such as Tennis West, maintaining the clubhouse and ground and organising social play, pennants, tennis and drills.

Many of the clubs members have served on the committee at some point. If you have skills and time, please consider servicing or returning to the committee. All contributions are welcome.

The committee meets every month during the playing season for approximately 90 minutes. Many committee members undertake hours of work each month. The committee warmly welcomes feedback. You are encouraged to make suggestions to members directly or you can email them.

Remember all committee members are volunteers with daytime jobs – please bear this in mind when providing feedback or suggestions.